Introducing the new look e-CASS

Take a quick look at our exciting changes to the UI of e-CASS, our customer's stock ordering platform
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April 18, 2024

We’ve been really busy over the last few months – with our developer team using feedback to make it easier to control your purchasing with e-CASS.

With purchasing stock so hard to get to grips with in 2024, we’re investing in more of the tools and support members need to navigate – and control their buying.

We hope the cleaner feel of using e-CASS will make your experience easier and ordering quicker.

Let’s see below what the changes are, and how they’ll help e-CASS members.

1. A new, easy-to-use dashboard and UI

We’ve taken on feedback to make it easier and quicker for you to navigate e-CASS Web.

  • Quick links. You’ll now find buttons for product search, your order pad, order tracker and profitability report on the quick links at the top of the homepage.
  • Quickly review orders & spend – You’ll now get a quick overview of your supplier spend and recent orders as soon as you log on to the new home page.
  • Clear menus, easy to navigate With the menu bar, you’ll no longer need to dash back and forth to the homepage to find where you’re going.

2. Easier to order, manage out-of-stock's and build order pads

We’ve focused on simplifying every part of your ordering

  • Everyday ordering is simpler. We’ve made the product search easier. It was the 1st page we redesigned to make it more intuitive. You can also now see a running £total in your basket (effectively your order pad). Plus, we’ve updated stock order response and above trade/tariff price with an easy-to-read traffic light system.
  • Build an order pad in one place. Rather than loading a separate page, you can now upload an order file directly to the pad.
  • Easier to review your orders. We’ve added a view of your most recent orders on the homepage – and you can quickly identify failed lines within orders by hitting ‘more details’. Whether because of failed orders, out of stocks or your team ordering over-tariff, it’s easy to review what products you might still need. We’ve also made it possible to add multiple lines to an order pad when reviewing on your order tracker.

3. Get simple insights on your purchasing

Not sure what the new graph on the homepage is?

  • A quick monthly supplier spend graph. You now get a snapshot of your monthly supplier spend on the homepage. Just hover over to see the supplier and £total spend for the current month. And if you want the granular detail – your profitability report is just a click away.
  • Simpler profitability reports. Getting the key details and accurate oversight on your buying is easier, with our profitability reports now featuring simple summaries of your spend by supplier, reimbursement and profit, before and after clawback.

4. Greater support for your pharmacy

We know that you need help to navigate the complex world of purchasing, even with e-CASS.

  • Fully staffed support team. We’re hands-on in helping you. We’ve invested in a full team of Business Managers and Account Service Managers, who have years of pharmacy experience. They know your day-to-day frustrations. Every member now has a dedicated Business Manager, and Account Service Manager.
  • Help to maximise your purchasing. Business Managers are there on hand to adjust your setup, show your staff how e-CASS works, and give you tips to maximise how you buy. Whether that’s understanding commercial complexities or share new opportunities or offers, we’re there to give you control.
  • Helpdesk have got your back. Our support team of Account Service Managers are available 9-6 every weekday by phone, email, LiveChat and via WhatsApp. They can answer your questions, make account adjustments and follow up on enquiries for you.Like our Business Manager team, every single region now has a dedicated Account Service Manager, meaning more hands-on support and knowledge on your pharmacy’s needs. Have any questions about our latest updates? Drop Helpdesk a line!

We're always evolving

These updates aren’t the end either. This is the latest investment in our development roadmap – we have lots more updates planned for the rest of 2024 and beyond, including stock alerts and more moving into next year.

On all the calls we have with our members, and when we help them get their buying rules setup, it’s obvious how much things are still changing. We know that pharmacy purchasing will not stay the same – and we’re constantly looking to find ways to improve our platform and service.

Not sure if e-CASS can do something? Talk to our team to see if we can – or if you have an idea for a feature or improvement, tell us.

Not a member and want to see it for yourself? Book a demo with your local Business Manager, and see what control over your ordering looks like with e-CASS.

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Introducing the new look e-CASS

Take a quick look at our exciting changes to the UI of e-CASS, our customer's stock ordering platform

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