Malpas Pharmacy

How Malpas got a helping hand to navigate supply, release staffing and scale services

"I'm working with someone who isn't a rep - they're a business manager - Ula helps make the most of our spend so we are distributing it in a way that is profitable."


Having opened in 2003, Malpas Pharmacy has been with many buying systems and platforms, but were still frustrated with being unable to balance competitive, transparent pricing and good stock availability.

They had also worked with wholesaler run platforms where their spend was less likely to cascade to the cheapest supplier.

They had several staff who were dedicated to buying stock - spending all their time ringing suppliers before negotiating to try and get the best prices before making orders - making it more difficult to scale and staff the services they offer.

It also meant that their ordering could fall apart when these staff were on holiday or ill.

Plus they weren't sure if they were getting the right price with their current ordering platforms  - and didn't have the time to understand every complexity of pricing tiers, brand equalisations and more.


Following a visit in the pharmacy, owner Geoff decided to join Cambrian. His Business Manager Ula helped with the onboarding process, reviewing their spend across his suppliers to ensure their cascade was set up to suit them.

Using e-CASS has meant that Geoff now knows the team ordering stock will be getting the lowest price every time. Sending orders through their PMR and e-CASS Web is now far quicker as they can just build and submit orders. It also allows him to block orders over-tariff and decide when to purchase those products.

Monthly meetings with Ula help Geoff get a better view of how they are spending with suppliers by analysing their e-CASS reports. He also gets an idea of best practices working in other pharmacies, as well as understanding the impact of things like brand equalisations.

Useful features

Purchasing profit report

Geoff liaises with his Business Manager to understand the trends in his reporting.

Over-tariff block

Malpas now know they can't place over-tariff orders or make large losses on lines.


Since joining in October 2023, Geoff is "very happy with how e-CASS has released staffing" and allowed those in his team purchasing stock to help scale services in the business.

They also no longer have to worry about losing capacity to purchase when staff are off, as whoever is purchasing, e-CASS will order in the way that suits the pharmacy.

Working with Ula has allowed Geoff to better manage the growth of the business. "Having a Business Manager who can help quickly filter through our reports and the complexities of purchasing gives me the ability to put structure to our growth."

Working with Cambrian, they are also know more confident in their decisions - with their purchasing profit report and transparent pricing, they can validate how profitable they are, and work with Ula to amend and improve how e-CASS works for them.

"As an independent contractor, it's easy to feel isolated given how complex and confusing pharmacy stock ordering can be.
We know Ula gives us an impartial view of our spend and how we can use e-CASS to improve it - as we can see the results. "

Geoff Thomas

Superintendent Pharmacist & Owner,
Malpas & Malpas Brook Pharmacy

Pharmacy type

Group: Malpas and Malpas Brook


Newport, South Wales

Items prescribed

23,000+ across the group


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