Control your pharmacy stock ordering –  without the stress

Pharmacies and dispensing practices don’t have the time to oversee the endless commercial complexities of purchasing stock.

You need a system that navigates it for you – but still gives you control over how you buy.

e-CASS is the ordering platform that allows you to automate how your team buys, whilst giving you the flexibility to adapt.

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Purchasing, custom built to suit your pharmacy

Pharmacy ordering is always changing. You need a system that can adapt too.

Whether you want the lowest cost product every time, want to prioritise a wholesaler or need to meet a spend threshold – e-CASS is customisable to suit your buying setup.

Simple, quick ordering on PMR and e-CASS Web

Quickly order stock via your PMR or e-CASS Web.

Get pricing details in one place – with tariff and concessions, accurate stock responses and info on your price tiers.

Plus, you can use e-CASS Web to find out-of-stock lines or products blocked over-tariff.

Support team to help you thrive

It’s easy to feel on your own when product supply is so challenging.

That’s why every member has a dedicated Business Manager and Account Service Manager to answer questions, help you adjust your settings and maximise your potential profit with e-CASS.

Stock ordering is getting more challenging

See how our new look e-CASS gives you full transparency, flexibility and control over your buying.

Our buying platform, e-CASS, is the leading platform across the independent sector.

e-CASS enables competitive tendering for your business, this competition drives down price

You receive regular statements highlighting your individual rebates

Unlike other buying platforms, e-CASS is not owned by a wholesaler, we remain independent, meaning you can trust us to act in your best interest

With e-CASS' monthly Profitability Reports, you can see profit by supplier and product. This helps keep track of profits and identify loss-making lines.

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