Pharmacy buying is too complex.

Maintaining your pharmacy or dispensary purchasing profit is more critical than ever. But the processes are opaque and complex, and prices and supply are volatile.

You need a system that navigates it for you. e-CASS is set up to put the control back in your hands.

With e-CASS – you set the rules. So if you always want to source the lowest price product, block over-tariff orders, need to prioritise a particular wholesaler, or meet a spend threshold, you can automate it, and do far more.

How e-CASS works

Automate your buying - your way

e-CASS takes the complexities of purchasing and gives you simple, flexible rules, settings and tools to navigate it.

  • Want to source the lowest price product, every time? Your cascade can do that.
  • Need to manage over-tariff ordering? We can block loss-making orders via your PMR – but give you flexibility to order over.
  • Have a minimum spend with suppliers? We can prioritise who you buy from and let you know if you might miss a target.

Our system gives you flexibility and control, saving you time and maximising your margins without having to manage the commercial complexities of the marketplace yourself.

Pricing transparency

Pricing is more volatile than ever, but some platforms don’t include product cost or even rebate information, and you’re left to guess whether suppliers have stock.

e-CASS gives all of this, and more.

  • You can see live pricing across every line on e-CASS Web. And we include Drug Tariff and concession pricing in the same place.
  • Our stock info comes directly from suppliers – and is updated every 10 mins on e-CASS Web.
  • Check your recent orders easily. Missed orders or want to understand pricing? Every order has details on why how pricing was calculated.
  • We produce easy-to-read, monthly purchasing profit reports where you can see profit by supplier, product and category.

Easy To Use Ordering Platform

Whether you’re ordering from your PMR, e-CASS Web or both – ordering is as easy as pick, click and go.
And our 2023 updates to e-CASS Web’s UI make it easier than ever to use e-CASS to order.

  • Shopping around for products is simple on e-CASS Web. No more need to open multiple tabs, phone calls and spreadsheets. Just find what you need, at the price you want, or from the supplier you want.
  • The new look e-CASS Web is simple to use – with all the most used tabs on your homepage. With quick snapshots of your spend, your order pad, order tracker and more – you’ll never be far from the detail and the controls you need.
  • Easy to manage orders and settings, with the ability to have multiple users and varying permissions.

Support & business manager's to help you thrive

It’s easy to feel on your own when product supply is so challenging.

That’s why we have two teams to solve your queries and questions, and help you adjust your settings and maximise your potential profit with e-CASS.

  • Every Cambrian member has a dedicated Account Service Manager and Business Manager as soon as you join, ready to advise you and guide you through onboarding. We can even train your team on using e-CASS.
  • Our teams are available 9-6 every weekday on phone, email, LiveChat and via WhatsApp to quickly answer questions, make account changes and follow up on enquiries for you.
  • Our comprehensive support for you is what us different.

Stock ordering is constantly changing.

See how our new look platform allows you to track, adjust and maximise potential profit.

e-CASS Gives You:

Transparency of all your suppliers’ pricing
Flexibility to automate your purchasing, your way
Control over your purchasing decisions to maximise your profitability

How we're helping Cambrian members

e-CASS has given us the confidence that we're purchasing competitively from the cheapest supplier. It’s quick, simple and automated. It’s helped us take control and manage our margins better.

Mo Nazeemi

Evans Pharmacy

I used to sit comparing suppliers' price lists in my kitchen - it was a laborious process. e-CASS saves me loads of time. I can do travel & COVID clinics, still with the confidence that we’re getting access to good prices.

Nat Mitchell

JWW Allison's Chemist

Since using e-CASS gross profitability at our dispensary has risen by 5-7%. We’ve increased profit on generics and reduced loss making items thanks to being able to block ordering over drug tariff price.

Edward Down

Practice Development Manager


We’d love the chance to show you how much e-CASS can help your business. Your local Business Manager will sit down with you and show you how much your pharmacy would save using e-CASS. To make an appointment, just fill in the below and we’ll arrange a time and date to give you a demo.