What is e-CASS?

e-CASS is the stock ordering tool that saves you time and makes you money! Used by more independent pharmacies than any other buying platform.

e-CASS is the price comparison stock ordering tool created by Cambrian Alliance Group to make you money and save you time. It does this because we secure the cheapest prices available for generics, PIs and dressings from the Cambrian Alliance Group suppliers you want to work with.

How do we know we get the best prices? Well, an independent report of wholesale and buying groups placed us top of the table for both generics and PIs, which means you really do make money with e-CASS.

Best of all, if you are currently working with a number of our partners, we can have you set up within days.

How Cambrian Alliance Group Helps Businesses Like Yours

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0 Manufacturer rebates paid out each year

How does it work?

With the click of a button on your PMR e-CASS scans through more than 25,000 products available through the Cambrian Alliance Price Guide ordering from the supplier with the best price. If that supplier is out of stock then the order automatically moves to the next best priced supplier and so on until the order is placed meaning you can be confident you’re getting the best deal available.

Watch our e-CASS explainer video below


No more out-of-stock phone calls. No more checking price guides. Just pick, click and go!


Works with your PMR system. You get to choose the Cambrian Alliance suppliers you buy from keeping you in control.


No complicated computer programmes to install. We work with you to do this remotely.


We’d love the chance to show you how much e-CASS can help your business. Your local Business Manager will sit down with you and show you how much your pharmacy would save using e-CASS. To make an appointment, just fill in the below and we’ll arrange a time and date to give you a demo.
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