We have launched our brand new e-CASS market, where independent
pharmacies can buy and sell stock to and from each other with ease!

With the ability to limit selling stock to a group of pharmacies you have selected or make stock available to the entire 1,200 Cambrian Alliance Group community.

e-CASS market is a fantastic trading platform to help you increase your margins and support other independent contractors!

Using e-CASS market
  • 1

    e-CASS market offers independent pharmacies the ability to trade stock with each other.

  • 2

    Use our unique Market Match feature to find stock available within our e-CASS market community based upon your usages.

  • 3

    Customer-specific email notifications for new product listings that you use, including price and tariff detail.

How does it work?


List all of your surplus stock

Sell stock to a selected group of pharmacies or make it available to all 1200 Cambrian Alliance Group members

Pay a commission of 3.5%


Access our exclusive ‘Market Match’ feature, matching available stock specific to your most recent product usages.

Get notified every time relevant stock becomes available – letting you know the selling price as well as the tariff or concession price detail.

Interested and want to sign up? Easy, if you’re already a Cambrian Alliance Group customer, just click the below:

Gain access to e-CASS market as both a buyer and seller for just one flat fee of £15 per month.

Existing Cambrian customer sign up

If you’re not an existing customer, you can still take full advantage of this market-leading platform. You can easily register your interest and our Business Managers will be in touch to set you up, just click the below.

Gain access to e-CASS market as both a buyer and seller for just one flat fee of £15 per month.

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