Increase your dispensing profits and minimise your buying time

In the ever-changing pharmaceutical marketplace, you will be looking at your costs, suppliers and the time spent on obtaining the best prices.

One in four UK independent pharmacies are part of the Cambrian Alliance Group, and we’re now very pleased to be supporting Dispensing Doctors with e-CASS Web – our market leading price comparison and stock ordering platform.

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Benefits for our customers

Here's what to expect as a Cambrian Alliance Group customer.
  • We secure the cheapest prices available for generics, PIs and all other product categories. Each day we put out to tender more than 25,000 products & our independent market comparisons confirm our customers receive the best prices.
  • You will receive regular statements highlighting your individual rebates.
  • Our monthly fee is usually less than most other wholesalers and buying groups.
  • Unlike other buying platforms, e-CASS is not owned by a wholesaler, we remain independent, meaning you can trust us to act in your best interest.
  • e-CASS enables competitive tendering for your business, this competition drives down price.
  • With e-CASS profitability reports, you can see your profit by supplier and by product with monthly reports. This helps keep track of profits and you can make changes where necessary. This can be used to also support identifying loss making lines.

What We Do

Our aim is to increase your purchasing profits.

Members receive regular statements highlighting their individual rebates & bonus payments. Each month we put out to tender more than 25,000 products & independent market comparisons confirm our members receive the best prices.

We employ 11 local Business Managers to advise and support every member with their individual business requirements. As one of the largest pharmacy support groups in the UK we provide members with access to the highest levels of most pharmacy bodies, now supporting Dispensing Doctors.

We have developed e-CASS, the price comparison, stock ordering tool that saves members time and makes them money.

Generics & Generic Schemes

We happily work with our partners AAH, Alliance, TEVA and Accord where we can set up our cascade to default to your chosen generic scheme, or you will have the option to choose from our partners from the prices they tender into our cascade.

So you have the options of selecting the best available price on the day from the cascade or from the loyalty schemes offered by the main wholesalers.

Don't just take our word for it...

``The dispensing doctor’s market is tough, full of acronyms (QE, RWA, ZD, MDS), and does not make much sense a lot of the time. What e-CASS offers is what we have been looking for - a system that shows us exactly what we will pay and where is cheapest to order from.

I am confident e-CASS will dramatically improve stock ordering in any Dispensary. We can all say we are good at buying generics and getting some good PI deals when we can, but this system is about getting the cheapest deal 100% of the time, not just when a special offer comes around.

e-CASS will save you money – it does the thinking and money-making for you. Combine e-CASS with a good practice formulary and you are onto a winner!``

Edward Down


e-CASS Platforms

e-CASS is the price comparison stock ordering tool created by Cambrian Alliance Group to make you money and save you time. It does this because we secure the cheapest prices available for generics, PIs and dressings from the Cambrian Alliance Group suppliers you want to work with.

e-CASS market

We have also launched our brand new e-CASS market, where independent pharmacies can buy and sell stock to and from each other with ease! With the ability to limit selling stock to a group of pharmacies you have selected or make stock available to the entire 1,200 Cambrian Alliance Group community. e-CASS market is a fantastic trading platform to help you increase your margins and support other independent contractors!
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e-CASS Warehouse

As well as e-CASS market, we have our e-CASS Warehouse solution. e-CASS Warehouse is the most advanced way to buy your stock and manage enhanced profitability. Each one of the features has been designed by a pharmacist with a warehousing requirement, so you know you’re in good hands.
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Even more benefits for customers

Alongside the support offered by e-CASS Web, market and Warehouse, you will be able to access the services from our other partners, to support your business. This could be from breakdown cover, sundries, to HR support. All this for a monthly membership fee, which is the same for all our Dispensing Doctors members.

What our customers think...

“The team here are enjoying using e-CASS, it has saved time on shopping around different suppliers to obtain the best price available. e-CASS is helping us with the support of features such as blocking lines which are above tariff”.

Annette Lound - Dispensary Manager

Hereward Surgery, part of the Lakeside Group Partnership