The Cambrian Alliance Group Is Different To Other Pharmacy Memberships And Buying Groups

We do not own pharmacies and we are not part of a multinational with our own wholesaler. That makes us independent, just like you, and driven by the 1 in 4 UK community pharmacies that make up our membership.

But what does our independence mean for you? It means the confidence of knowing we are not using you to grow our own profits, but instead are working with you to provide you with the opportunities and support you need to increase purchasing profits.

More than 1,200 independent pharmacy members.

Formed in 2000 with the objective to increase members’ profitability.

Rebates paid to members since 2016 exceeded £8 million.

Negotiate special deals with blue-chip suppliers.

A team of 9 regional Business Managers covering the whole of the UK to advise and support members.

This is our goal

'To make your business bigger, better and stronger. It is how we use our negotiating strength of over £0.5b to get you better prices on more than 25,000 lines and how we provide you with the technology, innovation and professional services you need to grow your pharmacy.'

Why Join Us?

The Cambrian Alliance Group continues to develop its range of products and services to assist members in their day-to-day business. Some of the benefits of membership are highlighted below:
  • 1

    Our aim is to make our members more money

  • 2

    Savings are highlighted on monthly statements with member bonus payments

  • 3

    Independent market comparisons confirm our members get the best prices every month

  • 4

    Advise & support every member with their individual business requirements

  • 5

    Provide members with access to the highest levels of pharmacy bodies

  • 6

    Provided by an MHRA accredited company

How we do business

We will continue to develop our products and services and build new platforms based upon three core principles.

Control–giving our customers maximum control over how they purchase and how they manage stock. We will ensure our platforms offer maximum configurability and that our customers have data to support their purchasing decisions.

Transparency-enabling our customers to understand, at all times, that they are paying for a product and developing platforms that only deal in net price calculations, whilst supporting customers to track spend, achieve targets and proactively manage suppliers.

Validation–allowing our customers to validate their purchasing decisions and clearly identify the value that our products and services have delivered.

Supporting Dispensing Doctors

Our aim is to increase your purchasing profits.

Members receive regular statements highlighting their individual rebates & bonus payments. Each month we put out to tender more than 120,000 products on e-CASS & independent market comparisons confirm our members receive the best prices.

We employ 11 local Business Managers to advise and support every member with their individual business requirements.

Dispensing Doctors Services

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