The Cambrian Alliance Group Launches New Platform to Enable Pharmacies To Buy and Sell Stock From Each Other

Using e-CASS market

The Cambrian Alliance Group announces the launch of e-CASS market, a new platform designed to enable pharmacy contractors to buy and sell stock from each other with ease. The new platform will transform the way that contractors manage their surplus stock and also provide a vital new channel for contractors to source stock that may be in short supply via traditional methods. e-CASS is already the most widely used buying platform across independent pharmacy and this new additional platform continues to strengthen the Cambrian Alliance Group offer.

What is commonly referred to as ‘dead stock’ costs the average pharmacy approximately £12K per year, a
significant cost at a time when independent pharmacy has never been under more pressure to maintain margin. e-CASS market will allow contractors to list stock and make it available to buy to a chosen and specified group of buyers or to the entire Cambrian Alliance Group membership of 1200. Following on from the success of e-CASS web which launched last year, the platform is easy to use, designed with contractor feedback in mind and meets with the usual high standards and reliability that the group have become known for.

Nathan Wiltshire, Group CEO said “We are really pleased to be able to bring yet another new product to the
independent pharmacy market. When we first launched e-CASS some 10 years ago, it revolutionised the way
that pharmacy thought about purchasing and delivered immediate benefits to our user community, we believe that e-CASS market will have a similar impact”.

The new platform includes an industry first ‘market match’ feature available to buyers, which matches all available stock in the market to buyers specific requirements based upon their most recent product usages. The platform also ensures that buyers get notified every time relevant stock becomes available.

Use of the platform meets with current MHRA guidance with regards to the implications of the repeal of Section 10(7) for the supply of licensed medicines by pharmacy in that transactions are on a small and occasional basis and not for profit.

“The new platform gives contractors a vital alternative to supply at a time when product shortages and availability have never been more prevalent. In addition, we are pleased to be able to provide the market with a new tool that really enables contractors to help and support each other at such a challenging time”. Said Wiltshire.

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