Feature Release: Order Tracker Upgrade

We are pleased to announce and Order Tracker Upgrade with some new search options available via e-CASS Web Order Tracker.

Searching by Supplier

In a scenario where a customer wants to search for all orders for the last 7 days which have been placed with a supplier, they are able to do this by selecting the supplier from the ‘Search Supplier’ box (1 above) and clicking on the find orders button (2).

Searching for Products by Supplier

If the customer wants to be more explicit in the search, that could search for a particular products by a particular suppliers. To do this, select the supplier from the ‘Search Supplier’ box (1 above), enter the first few letters of the product in the ‘Search Product’ text box (2) and clicking on the find orders button (2).

Additional Information

In the results section, you can see that the ‘Supplier’ and supplier ‘Response’ have been added to provide more information (3).

If you would like any more information, please use our Live Chat function and we will assist you in real time.

We hope you will find this new upgraded feature helpful, if you’re an existing customer, why not give it a try here: https://ecassweb.co.uk/OrderTracker

Cambrian Alliance Group.

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